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The Fury Saga - The Renegades *AVAILABLE NOW
Welcome to Juggernaut City. Prepare to have your brain fried.

Mind Job, a diabolical, egotistical genius, has traveled from the future to enslave our world by abusing his mind control powers and the world's most popular television network: Mastermind Broadcasting. But dealing with our fame-obsessed society and our greedy, self-centered attitudes won’t be easy. Mind Job will quickly learn that while we may be too apathetic to stop him, we are also too insane to assist him. The criminal genius will have to deal with wrestlers, ninjas, hit men, knights, homicidal puppets, emo-kids, scientists, TV personalities, robots, zombies, and whatever idiotic characters our modern world has. As Mind Job races against stupidity to carve out sanity in our world so he can execute his plan, will anyone take notice of his treachery and try to stop him?

Leave it to a former cage fighter who is out for revenge against a corporation that wronged him, a knight who has promised his blade to protect the weak and innocent, a special-ops prodigy who needs to free her friends, a drunken pizza chef who is trapped in his own ego and in dire need to figure out how he lost everything, a modern-day Frankenstein’s Monster who has been cast out by his creator, and an enforcement officer who fought Mind Job in the future to band together to fight the menace. But can these outcasts get along long enough to save us from ourselves?

The Fury Saga: The Renegades is a ridiculous, genre-blending, twist-turning, time-traveling tale of courage, insanity, friendship, awkwardness, loyalty, and the things we will do to protect our freedoms. It is action-packed, insightful, fast-paced, powerful, suspenseful, astonishingly complex, but above all: it is hilarious.

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