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The Cast of The Fury Saga
More names will be added as more books are written. I have used both new styles and Anarchy Island styles.

Mr. Unstoppable aka The Fury
He is not your friend. He is not your buddy. He is not your pal. No one has seen his face. No one has seen his skin. No one knows who he is, but he seems to be humanity's only hope of pulling their heads out of their collective asses to save themselves from their own demise. Mr. Unstoppable seems to be a neverending quest that he does not like to talk about. He is a man of mystery, of rage, and of a very unique style (Where did he get those cool boots?). Uncontrollable. Fearless. Psychotic. Unstoppable.
Mind Job
Bow before the might and the glory that is Mind Job; time's greatest criminal. Mind Job is clearly fed up with humanity and thinks that he knows better. The inventory of The Time Plug (a cool device that he can build a time machine with), Mind Job continually leaps back in time over and over again in an ongoing attempt to conquer us and save us from our own stupidity. Yet somehow, someway, we resist. Whether its an attack on his compound by the military, government interferance, or our general distrust of a guy in a metal mask, Mind Job cannot win. Maybe this time, in the year 2008, he will stand a chance.
Sebastian "Death Metal" Monroe
If you could turn testosterone into a person, it would be Sebastian "Death Metal" Monroe. Standing nearly seven feet tall and weighing over three-hundred pounds of pure muscle, Death Metal literally towers over everyone else in the fighting league known as Brawl Masters, a league where he is still the reigning champion. Controlled by money and his desire to kill, Death Metal is a monster of the worst kind, willing to fight for any cause that can afford him and feed his blood-lust.
Little is actually known about the blonde girl named simply 'Charlie', but what is known is that she will totally kick your butt. Trained in more fighting styles than most people have heard of, the assassin/spy/ninja master has found a home on Anarchy Island, a home that she will gladly protect with her feet and her fists. Yet, this warrior would rather just relax with a cup of coffee than actually hurt anyone. Just because she can hurt you does not mean she wants to ... but don't push it.

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Johnny Thunderpants
If you don't know Johnny Thunderpants, you better learn quick. Johnny may be a tough guy who doesn't like anyone giving him any trouble, but don't expect him to fight for anything righteous any time soon. This pizza-making, beer-guzzling, tattooed punk rocker would rather sit back, get drunk, and watch porn than save the world. Considering Johnny already thinks he knows everything and everyone loves him, why bother to get up off the couch?

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Sir Gilead of The House of Tavanis
Somehow, a noble knight from over a thousand years ago was frozen in time to protect mankind from a mighty, slumbering evil. Awoken in the modern era, Sir Gilead continues to uphold his oath to protect the innocent. Unfortunantly, Gilead is having a very hard time finding anyone in our era who is innocent. Equipped with the legendary sword Tyurdjükein, Gilead will continue to do what is right and put his own life on the line for humanity. But has mankind already lost? Is Gilead too late in saving us from ourselves?
Lord Insagnia Canderosa
No one knows more about the power of Mind Job that Lord Insagnia Canderosa, the man from the year 2412 who defeated Mind Job and sent him fleeing back in time again. In his pursuit of Mind Job, the officer from the future was sucked back in time to the year 2008 along with the masked madman. Without his fellow officers of the Chaoticas Legion, Insagnia will have to find new soldiers to rise up and keep Mind Job from conquering the world. But, being that Insagnia is a man of honor and justice, he refuses to take a life. Will that work against him?
Bustawhat ? Cheapshot
Originally meant to be a soldier but turned into a hero, Bustawhat is a robot of great power, but few words. Built by the joint efforts of Mind Job and Dr. Ivan Moorhead, Bustawhat will do anything to protect anyone he calls 'friend'. However, because he was programmed without fear, Bustawhat tends to get himself injured quite often, which makes fixing him often to be quite a chore. Is it true that a robot can show more humanity than a human?
Dr. Ivan Moorhead
The technical genious from Anarchy Island has come to Juggernaut City (against his will) to help Mind Job on his latest attempt to take over the world. The naive genius takes Mind Job on his word that he wants to make the world a better place a bit too easily, but that is because Dr. Moorhead himself is on a quest to save the world through his inventions and discoveries.

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