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Suplimental Materials
Other cool stuff dealing with the cast of The Fury Saga

Anarchy Island Shots - Afternoon Harpoon
Before Mind Job showed up at Mastermind Broadcasting, Dr. Kockpocalipse attacked the infamous television company with his new harpoon invention. Who was Dr. Kock looking for?
Anarchy Island Shots - Johnny VS The Moon Spiders
Two of the stars of The Fury Saga: The Renegades, Johnny Thunderpants and Dennis Franco, have to deal with the world's government GovTech in this short cartoon which takes place before the novel.
Living With Smiley - Smiley's Pizza
Mr. Smiley was known for getting into trouble with his pal Iceman long before they moved to Juggernaut City. In their original series Living With Smiley, they drive their roommate Hollywood Havoc crazy, not to mention Johnny Thunderpants, and the hit men duo Brick and Grudge.
Hitmen - Nacho Explosion
Brick and Grudge are very real, and very dumb. Check out this old movie staring me (Noah B. Wilson as Grudge) as Brick and Grudge get a job from the mighty Dr. Kockpocalipse himself!
Animal Fury - The Barbarian Spider
One of the hit shows on Mastermind Broadcasting which is brought up throughout The Fury Saga: The Renegades is actually a real show! Check out all the episodes of Animal Fury right here.
The Boozer And Stubs Show - Botany Sucks
On page #238 of The Fury Saga: The Reneagdes (paperback), Johnny wants the gang to do a web search for The Boozer And Stubs Show instead of saving the world. What was he looking for? This.

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