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The Fury Saga
A story spanning different eras, different places, different mediums, and different genres.

The world is headed for certain doom, and no one seems to care. The world's government hides its tyranical plans behind the veil of democracy. Salvation and freedom is promised to those who give up their freedoms based upon the words of a sacred text. Entertainers have replaced world leaders as the most respected individuals in society. Armies advance on the will of those in power, not the will of the people. Fame and fortune are granted to those who place beauty, greed, and their own personal egos above all. This is how the world of Chaoticas operates, and no one questions it.

The only ones who might question the path of Chaoticas and its people have fled as far as they can go and started their own civilization of anarchy. Properly named Anarchy Island, societies rejects find a strange harmony far away from the grip of 'the civilized world'. It is here that the Anarchy Islanders are free to do as they please without concern for the rest of the planet. They are allowed to exist in absolute freedom; free of control, free of laws, free of judgment, free of rule.

Yet despite their distance ... they cannot escape the same fate as the rest of mankind.

The residents of Anarchy Island will be tossed into a war that is brewing between mankind and its fate. Powerful forces work to tighten their grip on the planet, and the only ones who will be able to fight back will be the ones who cannot be controled. Saviors, heroes, free thinkers, and freedom fighters will come in the form of knights, wizards, puppets, drunkards, criminals, and one masked man known as The Fury. Alliances will be forged with fists as the greater good will out shine the personal vendettas and desires. Yet one question looms in the minds of the heroes who fight to save mankind ... when all the world is guilty, who do heroes protect?
Before you ask "Why is Part 3 done before Part 1?" ... well ... read Part 3 and you might figure out why.
1-5 is not the proper order of reading the books. 3-1-2-4-5 is the right order. It is confusing, I know, but it will all make total sense in the end.
Part 1
Anarchy Island
Cartoon Series
Video Game
(Coming 2014)
Part 2
Brawl Masters
Part 3
The Renegades
Part 4
Homicidal Puppets
Video Game
Part 5
Chaos Wars

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